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I meant to try these when I saw them on Daily Candy. Thanks for the reminder. Anyone who can combine biking and baking should be rewarded!

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Received this for Fathers Day and found the basket ctnoained mostly stuffing and over-sized boxes. The very decorative box of Angilina's Sweet Butter Cookies looked like it could hold 6-8 ozs.of cookies. Inside there were 2.2 ozs of tiny ordinary cookies laden with palm oil and made in Indonesia. The 2 oz. California Pantry gourmet water crackers were edible with the Wisconsin cheese but had a lot of trans-fat and were made in Hong Kong. The 4 oz. Focaccia Crisps Tuscan Style Crackers were ho-hum, slightly not-crisp crackers, made with palm oil in Indonesia. A 2oz. slice of Italian Rasperry Cake was dry. The most weight in the basket came from the 3.75 oz. pack of cheese, the 5 oz beef salami and a small jar of mustard. All 3 were ok, but at what price?


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Ég tel allar hugmyndir sem þú hefur kynnt fyrir þinn staða. Þeir eru mjög sannfærandi og geta vissulega unnið. Enn, eru innlegg of stutt til að byrja. Getur þú vinsamlegast láta þá lítið úr næsta tíma? Takk fyrir the staða.

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